April 15, 2024

Transforming Lives with A Sense of Home

Student volunteers at their sponsored Home Creation

In 9th grade, Govind, along with his friend and co-leader of the Oakwood ASOH chapter, Noah ‘25, began volunteering at the organization’s warehouse to build furniture.There are a few options for volunteering with A Sense of Home. We had been building furniture at the warehouse for about a year, but there is also an option to sponsor the creation of a home in someone’s house or apartment.” Their efforts at the warehouse inspired Govind to begin raising the funds needed to finance a home creation. Through a combination of online fundraisers, email campaigns, and partnerships with local businesses, including Cocoa and Candy Gram candy shop in Studio City, Govind and his team successfully raised $7,000.


Govind explains that ASOH kindly shares information about the recipient of the home creation with those sponsoring it. “Taylor is a young, single mother of 12-month-old twins. She told us about her foster care experience, how she’s doing well now, and wants to get involved in ASOH to give back to the community.” It was an emotional experience for Govind, who felt gratified to witness the impact of his work. “It was a lot like the shows on HGTV—she walks into her home and sees this whole new look, which is really emotional. It felt great to have been a part of that.”  

Govind’s vision for ASOH extends beyond the Oakwood chapter—he has collaborated with a friend to establish a chapter at Campbell Hall. After he graduates, he hopes to pursue a degree in applied mathematics, leveraging his passion for math to address social justice issues and continue to create meaningful change. “I think Oakwood’s message of community has really shaped my interest in wanting to do something that has a real impact”