April 15, 2024

Marching Through Time in First Grade

Each first grader participates in the process of researching and writing their scripts about topics ranging from the solar system, to layers of the earth, reptiles, and dinosaurs. These scripts narrate the performance, in which children also sing and dance to songs about each theme and era. After the performance, families enjoy the many beautiful pieces of art that children have produced throughout the year, reflecting on the exploration of their science curriculum.  

Asher ‘35 shares his favorite aspect of the event. “I liked reading my lines and saying what I had learned, but my favorite part was walking my parents around to see my art.” Lake ‘35 details her experience at the Earth Gallery, “I liked bringing my robotic dinosaur home, singing, and saying my lines in front of everyone,”  Reflecting on the entire process, Lake adds that she and her classmates “researched all the facts on our chrome books first and then also used our own ideas to put it all together to make our lines.” Bari ‘35 enjoyed singing and “being in front of a whole crowd.” She shares that at the end of the performance, she and her friends felt proud of what they had done.