October 3, 2023

A New School Year Gathering

This fall, Oakwood School students, faculty, and staff from both campuses gathered for our annual All School Assembly. It was a memorable morning filled with happiness and joy as we danced, sang, and celebrated being all together again. The assembly ended with this group photo taken from high up in our Secondary Campus Gym.

The kindergarten, first, and second-grade students arrived at the secondary campus full of enthusiasm and excitement. Our senior class warmly welcomed them, offering friendship bracelets, games, and laughter. Once everyone was settled in the gym, our school principals were asked to reflect on how they and our community have grown and changed since we last gathered as a K-12 school. They discussed the importance of resilience and persistence, and how the strength of our Oakwood Community guides us forward. It was a remarkable time of connection, joy, and togetherness.