May 17, 2022

Giving Voice to Young Feminists

Meet Alex ‘22 and Lily ‘23 co-editors of GirlTalk, a magazine that aims to give a voice to young people to talk about social justice issues with an emphasis on feminism. Their publication’s mission statement reads that “GirlTalk Magazine is dedicated to empowering young women and girls to start and spread the discussion of important topics surrounding intersectional feminism, gender & sexuality, and other related issues through our bi-monthly magazine. GirlTalk is a space for people to share new perspectives and art that they may not be able to share elsewhere and seek new opinions to be informed on gender-related issues around the globe. With articles from diverse voices covering a wide range of topics and perspectives, GirlTalk is an international magazine completely run and organized by high school students. We welcome critical and constructive discussion of gender.”

Oakwood supports independents, if you want something to happen you can make it happen.

 Lily '23

GirlTalk was founded by two Oakwood Alumni, Eunice Park ‘19 and Charlotte Kramon ‘20. Together they shared a passion for advancing gender equity and took it upon themselves to create a feminist magazine. After countless hours drafting content, seeking voices around the world, arranging designs, and interviewing women from diverse experiences, GirlTalk Magazine became a reality with the release of its first issue “Women in the Media” in Spring 2017.

Co-editors Alex ‘22 & Lily ‘23; founders Eunice Park '19 & Charlotte Kramon '20
May '22 & March '22 issues of GirlTalk Magazine

Since then, GirlTalk magazine has expanded its middle and high school staff of writers, artists, and contributors beyond Oakwood School.

The magazine has since added co-editors from The Dalton School in New York City and Cate School in Carpinteria, CA. Students from Windward School in Los Angeles also make up GirlTalk’s social media team. With over 18 issues published and hundreds of articles written, GirlTalk Magazine has become an integral part of many young activists’ lives.

Alex ‘22 published her final editor note in the recent issue of Girl Talk Magazine as she reflects fondly about her time at Oakwood and getting involved with GirlTalk. She will soon pass the baton on with hopes of making the publication’s network international and featuring artists and writers from around the world.

If it weren’t for Oakwood, it wouldn’t have taken off.

Alex ‘22

GirlTalk Magazine is currently seeking high school and college students as staff editors, staff writers, staff artists, social media managers, managing editors, and layout designers. Learn more here.