March 23, 2022

Immersive Learning in Los Angeles

Two years after Oakwood School paused its 2020 Immersion program in response to the then-new COVID-19 pandemic, students and teachers gathered again in March of 2022 to head out into our community and engage in this signature experiential learning program.

True to our school’s ethos of continual growth and evolution, Immersion was restarted with a new focus on the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. This framework enables students to, in the words of our Statement of Philosophy, “foster a sense of responsibility and humility along with a habit of service and instill a lifelong commitment to social justice”

This year’s Immersion also brings a renewed focus on the greater Los Angeles region. Oakwood is committed to being a school whose walls are increasingly permeable and whose students are active in the communities around us. Enjoy this look at our 7-12th-graders engaged in hands-on, exploratory learning unrestricted by the boundaries of the regular classroom.