November 16, 2021

5th Grade Memoirs of Los Angeles

Oakwood 5th grade teacher, Lily, and her assistant, Dawson, partnered together during the Personal Narrative unit to help the students craft some incredible pieces about a moment in their lives in Los Angeles. Dawson had the idea to connect the students’ stories to a map of LA and to lift the level of their personal writing craft. Lily and Dawson also decided to have the student writing take the form of memoir

Each 5th grader brainstormed ideas and memories that connected them to parts of Los Angeles, and as a class, they plotted their individual experiences on a blank map of the city. Students then crafted their memoirs to center around the settings and how their experiences revealed personal insights and reflections. Next, students decorated the parts of the map that corresponded with their stories, and Dawson coded the maps to feature student images and writing.

5th Grade Memory Map

Click below to view both the 5th-grade class projects:

5th Grade's "Publishing Party"

Congratulations 5th Grade, Lily, and Dawson for engaging Oakwood students and highlighting their hard work, creativity, collaboration, and innovation with this project!