June 21, 2021

We Made It.

Jaime A. Dominguez / Head of School

We made it.

On Monday of last week, our kindergarten through fifth-grade students stepped up, celebrating with classroom watch parties and a huge group sing of Oakwood’s favorite anthem, “We’re All Together Again.” On Tuesday, our sixth graders marked the end of their elementary school journeys with the long-awaited moment of families being back on campus to partake in ceremonies. And last Friday, our seniors, the class of 2021 graduated to become the newest group of Oakwood students to carry forward our school’s mission of going out into the world to do good.

The challenges of this past year require no recaps, but the accomplishments are ones that we can all be immensely proud of. No matter if we were on-campus or virtual, synchronous or asynchronous, the Oakwood School community learned, stayed safe, cared for one another, and truly Embraced the Moment.

The work of the school will continue over the summer—projects such as completing our new kitchen, K-12 curriculum alignment, growing our counseling and wellness services, launching Spanish language instruction in grades K-4, improving school to family communication, and even designing our new Owl mascot are all being addressed by school leaders.

However, more than ever, I hope this summer is also a time for everyone to rest and recharge with their loved ones.