May 13, 2021


Learn more about JustART! in the “ART-icle” below written by Elaiya ’22. The article is also published in Oakwood’s latest edition of “The Newspaper”:

After a year of making art and advocating for social justice at a distance, Oakwood High School students will once again get to celebrate these two passions together on campus May 15th and 16th for Oakwood’s first-ever “JustArt”: an outdoor walkthrough experience focusing on various issues, expressed through art installations.

When interviewing Mickey Morgan, the creator of this event, I inquired what it was that gave him the inspiration. Mickey replied, “The trick was to do something where people could be safely distanced without losing a celebratory community feel, which we have been lacking for a long long time.” He elaborated that aside from demonstrations and actions that can be taken online, he recognizes that students haven’t been able to be as involved as they’d like on issues that they are passionate about. JustArt allows for students, current as well as Oakwood alums, to create expressive works on these issues.

In addition to Mickey, Art and Film faculty members Mike Minelli and KP have played integral roles in the conception of JustArt. Mike has worked long hours with students building and organizing displays. KP has overseen student films that will be running during the event. Faculty and staff throughout the school have been generous and enthusiastic with their support of JustArt

Glove Affair, which JustArt has come to replace, covered three topics: safer sex, consent, and gender identity. In addition to these three, JustArt will expand to draw attention to concerns ranging from BLM, AAPI rights, environmental justice, Latinx issues, economic disparity, food insecurity, feminism, homelessness, LGBTQ+, as well as many others.

Fabric draped partitions hung with art will create a maze of walkways in which people will be able to engage with the installations. Throughout, tables staffed with representatives from participating organizations will allow for safely distanced opportunities to learn from and interact with people doing important work on these topics. These groups include: PEP/LA, APLA, Proyecto Pastoral, The Pad Project, Esperanza Community Housing, LA Family Housing, Progressive Democrats of America, Homeless Health Care Los Angeles, NOHO Home Alliance, Movement 4 Black Lives,  AAPI groups, and environmental justice groups–and there will be more!

Mickey is optimistic that despite the constraints imposed by covid, that JustArt will be both fun and meaningful, “I’m not one for spectacular for its own sake, but it would be great if there were a lot of kids and it looked like a million bucks.” JustArt will be held on the north campus in the Church parking lot Saturday, May 15th and Sunday, May 16th nights from 8-10pm. Come away from the event inspired with hope for the world and motivated to continue to engage in social justice–and receive a JustArt t-shirt, designed by Nomi ‘21!

JustART 2021 by Nomi '21