April 5, 2021

The HAP COVID-19 Project

Oakwood high school students are living through historic times. Under the guidance of science teacher Dave Badger, five seniors in the high school Human Anatomy & Physiology (HAP) class have focused their studies on helping our community better understand the COVID-19 pandemic.

In their words:

This year in the High School Human Anatomy and Physiology class, we began a challenging project on the overview of COVID-19. To start the project off, we collected different articles, videos, and other resources to grasp the basic ideas of COVID-19. Later, we individually researched different topics about COVID-19, such as the nature of viruses, testing methods, and vaccines. After the research process, our class combined our findings into this presentation, highlighting the most important information.

Below is the student-published presentation, containing both a general overview of facts and the students’ supporting research papers:

Download the entire HAP COVID-19 Project overview here (PDF), and read each student research paper below:

An Introduction to Viruses
Ashley ‘21

How the Immune System Works
Kiana ‘21

COVID-19 Testing
Ava ‘21

Overview of COVID-19 Vaccines
Miranda ‘21

Social & Political Decisions
Truly ‘21