September 28, 2020

Addressing Food Scarcity in the Community

For almost thirty years, Oakwood has organized a weekly food collection and delivery to the North Hollywood Interfaith Food Pantry, a non-profit organization which addresses food insecurity within our community. Located in a church on the corner of Moorpark and Colfax, the Food Pantry is run by volunteers and relies entirely on donations.

The number of Angelenos affected by food insecurity, increasing in recent years, has skyrocketed because of the pandemic. Across the country, there’s been a 50% increase in the number of people in need of food banks: 54 million people experience hunger, and 8 billion meals are needed for this new demand. In Los Angeles, the number of people volunteering to work at food banks has decreased during the pandemic, so your help is needed now more than ever!

Due to safety precautions, the structure and process of Oakwood’s Food Bank has changed this year. Although bags of food will be accepted from anyone at any time, each grade will have its own two weeks during each semester to bring food to Oakwood—beginning with the 7th grade on Tuesday, September 29th.

Students, families, and faculty will be able to drop off their donations with the security guards at the front gate of the south campus on Magnolia Blvd. Oakwood seniors Sutton, Sophie, Annika, and Olivia will transport the bags to the Food Pantry each Friday. With your help, we can significantly assist the many people in serious need within our community.

For any questions about this year’s Oakwood Food Bank, please contact Phu or Mickey.

Items needed:

★ Peanut Butter
★ Pasta
★ Canned Tuna and Meats
★ Beans
★ Rice
★ Canned Vegetables and Fruits
★ Cereals
★ Powdered Milks
★ Adult Diapers
★ Baby Diapers
★ Hygiene Items—toothpaste, sunscreen, chapstick
★ Extra—condiments, energy bars, sauces, protein drinks, ramen noodles, packaged cookies, tea, coffee, juice boxes, nuts, fruit bars, brown paper bags
(No Glass Jars)


Artwork by Olivia '20