May 17, 2020

Tree Talk: Special Quarantine Edition

It’s time again for Tree Talk, a column in which our beloved Tree Corbett talks to you—Oakwood alumni. We never thought we’d have a Quarantine Edition, but here we go! Read on for a special message from Tree …

When Christie asked me to answer a few questions about Oakwood, obviously it was hard for me to answer briefly since we all know—I like to talk! But I’ll try to keep this short and sweet.

Picture it, the year was 1997, and a round Italian woman came to Oakwood. Well, that was it, Oakwood had me at hello and the rest is history.

To know me, you have to know what I love most about Oakwood …

One of my biggest loves is all the teachers. Oakwood is truly lucky to be staffed by the best. Next, I have to thank Oakwood parents because they have given me the chance to love their children. Trust me, my life is so full because of these kids.

This past Mother’s Day, I sat thinking about how blessed I am. Obviously, none of us saw this quarantine hitting our lives, but it’s made me realize how many blessings I have in my life, from my own family to my Oakwood Family.

Lastly, there are my beloved alumni. Oh, how I love my Oakwood alumni, and oh what stories fill my heart. I could write a book about you all, but don’t worry, I won’t! That’s why I love Facebook—so I can keep up with you and so I can see all your babies, too.

Please remember my darling alumni, no matter what, my door will always be open and my light will always be on! And don’t ever forget who taught you what a table was made for.

Always yours,

Tree Corbett bio:

I came to Oakwood in 1997 with the name Tree, given to me by my best friends in 1963. My journey to Oakwood was a destined adventure that began in Sherman Oaks in 1996. I was working as a receptionist for a real estate office and it was there that I met my best friend, Maryanne Navickas, who was working for an agent. I was 46-years old and had recently lost my best friend, Raymond Taylor, the father of my two beautiful children.

Sadly, Maryanne decided to move to Texas but not before setting up an interview for me at Oakwood. She knew several Oakwood families and believed it would be a better fit for me, a place where I belonged. Barbara Karsh, the head of human resources, and the principal Bruce Musgrave agreed.

By January of 1997, I was working at the front desk and getting to know my first senior class. More than 20 years later, I could probably tell you a story about every student since that first year. I’m still in love with my Oakwood family—families, students, and the best teachers in the world, and I’m still here answering the phone—“Oakwood School, this is Tree.”

—Tree Corbett