May 18, 2020

Celebrating our Seniors!

Although this pandemic has personally affected all of us, our seniors have been hit particularly hard with the loss of their end of year festivities, including prom, senior retreat, and graduation. We still wanted to be able to commemorate this momentous accomplishment for these seniors in a safe and healthy way.

Over the weekend, Oakwood celebrated the Class of 2020 with back to back events. On Friday afternoon, a longtime Oakwood tradition was kept alive on the last day of school for seniors through the first virtual “senior countdown.” Seniors gathered via zoom as a class for the first 30 minutes and then family members, Oakwood faculty and staff, and other students (non-seniors) were able to join the meeting to see and say hello to the seniors.

On Saturday morning, Oakwood hosted the Class of 2020 Car Parade. Teachers, advisors, and administrators were there to cheer on the class as seniors drove through the North Campus parking lot. Gifts were placed in trunks in order to maintain a safe social distance. Although nothing can replace what has been lost, we wanted to make sure to share with our seniors all that has not been lost—all our love, care, and admiration for the Class of 2020. It was incredible to see seniors and their families and have this opportunity to celebrate together. Congratulations to the Class of 2020!