April 8, 2020

Learned Podcast, Season One

Just last week, season one of our podcast, Learned, wrapped up. If you haven’t had a chance to catch all of the episodes, we invite you to subscribe and tune in!

On our first 10-episode season of Learned, we looked beyond test scores and college acceptance rates to understand how education can shape the future of our society—and what kind of teaching we need to bring us there.

What skills will students need to be prepared for an increasingly complex future? As technology continues to shape our society and our structures of communication, how should education respond? And can places of privilege foster equity and inclusivity within and beyond their communities?

Director of Co-Curricular Programs Ivan Johnson, Oakwood alum Tristan Friedberg Rodman ’11, and Director of Alumni Relations Christie Guevara had candid conversations with educators, parents, and alumni about the educational issues that matter most to them. The episodes spanned a wide range of topics—from creativity to entrepreneurship, social justice to mental health, technological change to equity and inclusion at private schools.

This has been quite a special adventure for us so we hope you enjoy Season 1. We look forward to bringing many other voices into the project as we continue creating new stories to share.

See the full list and subscribe below!

Episode 1 (January 28): Creativity, with Jodie Landau ’10 and Ren Bell

Episode 2 (February 4): Teaching Social Change, with Social Studies Teacher Mickey Morgan

Episode 3  (February 11): Middle School, with Middle School Director Erin Nowak

Episode 4 (February 21): Diversity, Equity & Inclusion, with Director of DEI Programs K–12 Linda Rose-Winters

Episode 5 (February 25): Collaboration in the Sciences, with Ned Wingreen ’80

Episode 6 (March 3): Teaching our Teachers, with Rebecca Hatkoff ’99

Episode 7 (March 10): 8th Grade—Do You Need To Do It?, with Jennifer Flackett and Mark Levin P’17 & P’21

Episode 8 (March 17): Trumpeting Your Own Path, with Spencer Ludwig ’09

Episode 9 (March 24): Entrepreneurship, Risk & Soft Skills with Roy Rubin ’93

Episode 10 (March 31): Healing up, with Callie Ryan ’11

Preview Episode 10 below.