April 24, 2020

DEI Beats: Pandemic, Politics, and Race

Welcome back to DEI Beats, a series from PODEI committee, the Parent Organization Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion committee. In this edition, our PODEI reaches out to our community and shares a talk from Tim Wise that discusses the intersections of Coronavirus, politics, and race.

The Beats are back! We are so excited to be able to reconnect with the Oakwood Community. In this new educational model of Remote Learning it is more important than ever to make the effort to check in, to support, and to make sure all lines of communication are open. PODEI is a resource for all Oakwood families and we want to encourage you to share with us ways we can all give back, pay forward, or participate in our greater communities. Reach out to us here, and we will publish them!

With Covid-19 being front and center in all of our lives, we are sharing a recent talk given by friend of Oakwood, Tim Wise—“Coronavirus and the Politics of Pandemic: What Does Race Have to Do With It?” This powerful discussion focuses on using “social distancing to connect, explore solutions, advocate and mobilize to put them in place.” As Tim says, “current insecurities and fears are a bridge to understanding everyday concerns of certain groups.” Enjoy his talk, and we would love to hear your reflections and reactions.

WATCH HERE: Coronavirus and the Politics of Pandemic: What Does Race Have to Do With It?