February 27, 2020

Black History is Our History

Welcome to another installment of DEI Beats, a series from the Parent Organization Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion committee. Enjoy the following reflections on our recent Black History Month Assembly and National African American Read-In on February 21:

The Annual Black History Month Assembly joined Oakwood together in a joyous celebration of Black excellence. Divine Unity, a group of representatives from Black Fraternities and Sororities, showcased their rich history and community engagement with a rousing and energetic Step Show. Next, the spirited tap dancers of Syncopated Ladies blew the roof off with their tap demonstration and lesson that had the entire auditorium on their feet. Finally, the elementary campus welcomed guest readers in every class for the National African American Read-In: the nation’s first and oldest event dedicated to diversity in literature. It was an unforgettable afternoon.

The amazing guest readers:

  • In Carly’s Kindergarten class Ms. Kamil Oshundara & Ms. Karimah Westbrook
  • In Julie’s Kindergarten Class – our very own kindergartener, Nii’s grandmother, Ms. Angela Gibbs & Ms. Angela C. Styles
  • Jen’s First Grade Class Morgan Thompson
  • Paula’s First Grade class – Mr. Carl H. Seaton Jr.
  • Nicole’s Second Grade class – Ms. Candice Nikeia
  • Stephanie’s Second Grade class – Ms. Khalilah Joi
  • Chisa’s Third Grade class – Ms. Megan Smith
  • Claire’s Third Grade class – Ms. Kenya Kirkland
  • Matt’s Fourth Grade class – Mr. Randall Keenan Winston
  • Nicola’s Fourth Grade class – Ms. Denee Howard
  • Jessie’s Fifth Grade class – Ms. Maud Arnold
  • Troy’s Fifth Grade class – Ms. Tiffany D Johnson
  • Kai’s Sixth Grade class – Mr. Amilcar Gibbs
  • Diana’s Sixth Grade Class – our very own kindergartener, Max’s grandmother, Mrs. Bunky Clark