November 21, 2019

Middle School Debate Sweeps Tournament

Justin Sweitzer / Middle School Debate Coach

Expectations are always looming at the outset of the middle school debate season. Success from the past brings motivation and intimidation into the new crew that has yet to have its first tournament together. This year’s team had no problem meeting and exceeding any reasonable expectations.

At Colina Middle School on November 2nd, the Oakwood debate team won 27 of 40 rounds, took the Overall Award for most wins and the Tournament Award for highest percentage of wins. And, in a feat accomplished only six times in Oakwood’s 12 year history, the team achieved a Tournament Sweep. A Sweep is where one school wins the Overall and Tournament awards, plus the top three-person team (Louis ’25/Chloe ’24/Wes ’24) and grabs the gavel for top speaker (Wes). Needless to say, this is a tough task when competing in the daunting Golden State Debate League.

Here are some of the other results:

Speaker Awards:

Eden ’25—27th
Charlotte ’25—23rd
Sebastian ’24—21st
Leni ’24—19th
Bea ’24—18th
Zev ’24—15th
Chloe ’24—11th
Dylan ’24—3rd
Wes ’24—1st

Team Awards:

Evy ’25/Ava ’24/Bea ’24—9th
Charlotte ’25/Noa ’25/Eden ’25—8th
Jonah ’25/Seb ’24/Dylan ’24—7th
Shayne ’25/Zev ’24/Augie ’24—6th
Alex ’24/Leni ’24/Angie ’24—2nd
Louis ’25/Chloe ’24/Wes ’24—1st