September 12, 2019

Russian River Adventure

The weekend before the start of school, the Class of 2021, along with 8 faculty chaperones, boarded a flight to Oakland and kicked off Oakwood’s annual 11th Grade Trip. Several hours and a bus ride later, the entire group, in sunscreen and life jackets, hopped in canoes for the first day of their Russian River adventure.

Regardless of the fact that this was the first time some of the students had ever been in a canoe, and others had not been camping since the 9th grade trip, everyone dove into nature with lots of laughter and good spirits. From campfires and stargazing, to s’mores and shout outs, it was an unforgettable weekend away from the madness of the city.

The trip wrapped up with spectacular views of the Pacific Ocean, a few harbor seal encounters, and moments of reflection. There’s a reason why Oakwood has been putting these trips together for over 20 years. It’s what makes Oakwood, Oakwood. Without a doubt, these students and faculty created and shared more than a few lifetime memories.

Please enjoy the photo gallery below.