September 13, 2019

Joyful Returns

Oakwood middle and high school students returned to the Secondary Campus for their first day of school on August 28. In addition to the excitement of meeting new teachers and reuniting with old friends, students also attended the school year’s first Town Meeting, which included the annual welcoming of new 7th graders through a tunnel of enthusiastic seniors. The gathering was full of introductions from student groups, teachers, and administrators—and this meeting was Jaime’s first opportunity to address students as their new Head of School!

Just a day later, Elementary Campus students excitedly greeted one another with hugs and smiles as their first day of classes got underway. With the ceremonial ringing of the campus bell, the kids took their places in classrooms and met their new teachers. Next, our brand-new kindergarten class arrived to begin their Oakwood journey, while new Oakwood parents were welcomed at a lively and informative orientation in the Play Space.

Please enjoy these pictures of the opening days of school in the gallery below.