June 6, 2019

The Arts Festival 2019

The Arts Festival has been an Oakwood School tradition for over 40 years at the Secondary Campus, and on Friday, May 31 this beloved spring ritual continued with displays of exceptional talent and creativity in the visual and performing arts. The day started with a breakfast in the Old Senior Lot (cheers to Shadeed’s pancakes!), followed by an opening ceremony that featured a ChoreoLAB dance piece and musical performances by both students and Oakwood faculty—cue Diana Ross’ I’m Coming Out. After that, students had time to take in the many galleries on campus in the studios, breezeway, and the Atrium. Works of art in film, drawing, photo, sculpture, and ceramics remained on view throughout the day in the incredible Visual Arts Exhibition. In addition, various stations around campus featured performances, screenings, workshops, and creative manifestations ranging from a stand-up comedy showcase to a theatre retrospective, a lip sync battle to a sustainable garden installation, a sculpt your own story experience to a museum of light … and the return of the always popular silent disco. Arts Festival wouldn’t be Arts Festival without the famed pot-luck lunch. Students and faculty again raised the bar for communal meals everywhere with their delicious contributions. After lunch, the entire student body gathered in the gym for the aptly named Big Show. There were original song performances by Max ’23, Lola ’19, Stella ’19, and our very own Jim Astman. Many talented student musicians rocked out and sang their hearts out. Brian and the orchestra had everyone on their feet for a fun rendition of Mama Mia and the seniors ended the show with a group dance to Grouplove’s Tongue Tied.

Thank you to everyone who organized, volunteered, participated, and attended!