June 4, 2018

Alumni Love Story Returns to Campus

Back in March of this school year, the Oakwood Alumni Office was contacted with an unusual request from Lucas Kraft ’09. He was ready to propose to his longtime fellow Oakwood alum girlfriend, Hannah Wood ’11, and he wanted their mutual alma mater to be part of the big day. Determined to make the occasion a surprise, Lucas had chosen the Atrium as the location of the big ask and had already orchestrated an elaborate way to get her there so that she would not suspect the real reason she was being invited to show up at Oakwood on Friday night of April 13.

Lucas cleverly invented a fake event: a photo shoot that featured one graduate from each of the school’s first 50 classes. In a letter penned by Lucas but sent through the school’s email system with the help of Oakwood Advancement, the event was billed as part of the school’s celebration of the 50th anniversary of its first graduates. He wrote,

“On April 13th and 14th, the Oakwood School Alumni Association would like to cordially invite you to be the face of your graduating class! We are proud to announce that we are celebrating the FIRST Oakwood alumni to have a 50th Reunion! As a part of this celebration, the Oakwood School Alumni Association is publishing a book of portraits which will include a member from each of the past 50 graduating classes…and we would like to include YOU!

The invitation included detailed information about the time, location, itinerary, and requested attire, all prepared in a format that included the Oakwood logo and other collateral that did the trick. Hannah never suspected a thing!

See below for pictures and a Q&A that captures the couple’s personal account of the event that brought them back to campus for this epic proposal that even included serenading by the Los Angeles Gay Men’s Choir!

Congratulations, Lucas and Hannah!

Q: Where and how did it all begin? Describe the moment you first met and began dating.

Hannah: We met for the first time when I was in Kindergarten and he was in second grade.

Lucas: But the first time we really talked was at a Passover Seder… a classic way to start an Oakwood relationship.

Hannah: And then we started talking all the time on AIM which is how people used to talk before Facebook.


Q: What’s your favorite memory of being high school sweethearts?

H & L: Making out in the utility closet on the second floor of the Atrium during class.

L: Also winning prom king and queen.

H: We didn’t do that because Oakwood doesn’t have a King or Queen, but I loved being Lucas’ date at senior prom.


Q: What was life like after Oakwood?

H&L: We separated after Oakwood and were able to have our own experiences, which allowed us to grow into human adults capable of sustaining a happy healthy relationship.

H: A friend of mine told me she ran into Lucas at a party and I Facebook messaged him (the thing people did after AIM) to see how he was doing and the rest is history.

L: It was more of a business soiree than a party.


Q: Lucas, when was the exact moment you knew you’d propose to Hannah?

L: I thought about marrying her since we were in high school. There was no flash moment, it’s an idea that’s been growing along with our love.


Q: Lucas, can you describe what it was like planning the proposal details. How did you get the idea and who helped you execute the moment? Did you think Hannah might figure out something was going on?

L: For months, I was trying to come up with the perfect way to propose but couldn’t figure out what that would be. After being on vacation with my brother (class of ’05) we started talking and boiled it down to what are some symbolic elements to our relationship. And the one that came up the most was Oakwood.

I had help from family, friends and of course, The Gay Men’s Chorus of Los Angeles.

I did think Hannah might figure it out so I came up with several contingency plans in case she did.


Q: Hannah, did you have any clue he was planning to propose? Were there any signs or unusual behavior from Lucas?

H: I had zero clue what-so-ever. Lucas’ behavior is always pretty unusual, but there were zero signs. I even showed him some rings that I had thought were pretty about a month after he had already designed and created my ring!


Q: Let’s talk about the day of the proposal. Lucas, describe details like who was present, how you select the song for the choir, etc. What did it mean for you to propose at Oakwood?

L: I had Oakwood send Hannah an email I created telling her that she had to come to Oakwood for an alumni portrait with her dad (class of ’71)

(H: Thank you for that because my hair and makeup looked amazing.)

L: I set everyone up in the atrium and patiently waited for Hannah and her dad to stroll in, which was my cue.

They walked in and the chorus started to sing “Dancing in the Moonlight.” I had put that song on almost every mix CD I’d ever made her since high school. It became our song.

Taking all these elements of our relationship— the song, our families and Oakwood—was the best way I could symbolize our relationship coming full circle.


Q: Hannah, describe what the moment was like when you realized what was really happening.

H: Well it took me a few seconds to put together why men in suits were singing, but once I realized what they were singing I knew that there could only be one reason. I don’t think language has reached a point yet where I could describe how happy and excited I felt when Lucas got on one knee. But, I know (because of the many cameras recording the moment) the first thing I said after yes and when I stopped kissing him was “I’m going to marry the love of my life.”

H&L: We are so appreciative to Oakwood for starting us on a path that would lead us to a wonderful life together… With an engagement pit stop back at Oakwood.