January 19, 2018

“Flip the Script”—Jonathan Mooney

“Flip the script,” author-activist Jonathan Mooney urged at Tuesday night’s Parent Education/ Voices Envisioned talk.  “Instead of asking how smart” a student is, Mooney told the full capacity crowd, the question should be “how is” this student smart? The Ivy League grad with ADD and dyslexia (who didn’t learn to read until age 12) riveted the room with his vision of education focused on kids’ talents rather than so-called deficits.

Earlier in the day, secondary school students from the Learning Differences Affinity Group and Cultural Awareness Association shared lunch and conversation with the speaker.  In the afternoon, Mooney addressed Oakwood’s 7-12 faculty.

For more information visit: jonathanmooney.com or find Jonathan’s books with the Oakwood-Amazon link:  Learning Outside the Lines and The Short Bus.


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February 15, 2018
The Center for Early Education Community Room | 7pm
co-presented with The Center for Early Education 

In the context of our kids’ increased technology use, how can we counteract the “look at me!” self-focus promoted by digital culture? Michele Borba, an NBC contributor, frequent Today Show guest and the acclaimed author of 22 parenting books including her most recent title, Unselfie: Why Empathetic Kids will Succeed in our All-About-Me World, will address this question. Come learn clear, practical, research-based steps to break through screentime narcissism and raise empathetic sons and daughters.