October 13, 2017

Donate Blood on October 18

A message from Phu Tranchi, Director of Experiential Learning:

In light of recent tragic events, there could not be a more appropriate time to donate blood. We partner with Cedars-Sinai for our blood drives and they released an official statement following the Vegas shooting about how to support the victims:

There have been several calls received from donors wishing to donate in support of the victims of the mass shooting tragedy at the music festival in Las Vegas last night.  We are asking individuals to donate blood to their local hospital or collection agency.  By donating locally, less of the national blood supply will need to be directed to maintaining local hospitals, and can instead be directed to help in high-need areas such as for the victims of the Las Vegas tragedy.  You can help those in your own community and by doing so help those affected by this tragedy.

Please help to maintain our local and national blood bank supplies by donating. 

Oakwood School Blood Drive
October 18 | 8am–2pm
Secondary School Community Room

Take a moment to sign up using the link below:

  1. https://www.donatebloodcedars.org/index.cfm?group=op&es=true
  2. start typing ‘oakwood’ into the “Enter Donor Group Name” box and OAKWOOD SECONDARY SCHOOL should autofill. Select it and click Search
  3. Click the first date listed, 10/18/2017
  4. Find an appointment time that works for you and click Schedule next to it

While walk-ins are always welcome, you’ll ensure getting in and out more quickly by reserving an appointment. For additional donor eligibility information click here.

Before you donate:

  1. Eat a healthy breakfast or lunch. Do not skip meals on the day of your donation. Eat proteins or complex carbohydrates and include iron rich foods in your regular diet.
  2. Drink a few extra glasses of water or fluids in the days before you donate. Start the day with a bottle of water or a glass of orange juice.
  3. Photo ID required at time of donation

Don’t hesitate with any questions if you haven’t donated before. It’s easier than you think.

Thank you!