September 14, 2017

New Year, New Spaces

As Oakwood students returned to campus this August for the beginning of a new school year, they were welcomed with a number of new and upgraded spaces at the elementary and secondary school.

The “Old Senior Lot” is a bustling hub of activity at the secondary school and this summer it received a beautiful renovation. Formerly made of asphalt, which goes back to the days when the space was actually a student parking lot, it is now covered in permeable brick pavers and is accented by new planters containing climate-native trees and plants. This transformation creates a lively, communal center for the campus. Increased seating was also added to the “Lot” over the summer, so students now have more room to relax, work, and enjoy the time between their classes.

The summer months also contained a remarkable transformation of the yard behind the Music, Dance, and Athletic Center into a 12,000 square feet athletic practice field thanks to a generous group of donors. The field, which is covered in turf for multi-sport functionality, also contains batting cages and is already serving as an action-packed location for Oakwood sports teams and PE classes.

We are grateful to Brian Diamond, the parent and trustee who transformed student and staff suggestions into a beautiful new gathering place in the Old Senior Lot and a much-needed practice field.

Thanks to our Student Council, who had a vision for how to better utilize the first floor of the Math-Science Building, the Atrium also has a new look and sense of purpose. Newly-installed workstations, small tables, and charging stations have converted this space into a “Student Commons” that invites students inside to collaborate with classmates, work alone, or just take a break.

One more secondary school summertime upgrade can be found in the former church on North Campus.  This soaring space  was refurbished to be able to host a wide variety of programs, so look out for performances and events that are slated to be held in the Sanctuary.

Change was also afoot during the summer months at Oakwood’s elementary school, which now is the home to a state-of-the-art science facility. The newly remodeled Science Center is outfitted with advanced technology, group lab stations, microscope projection capabilities, and new safety features—all within a cleanly designed space that encourages learning, exploration, and collaboration. Special thank you to Andrew Lappin for his vision in making this a reality.