September 29, 2016

Athletics & Opportunity

Craig Schoof / Director of Physical Education, Wellness, and Athletics

If I had one word to describe Oakwood School, it would be “Opportunity.”

Oakwood is a place that encourages and enables students to get involved in all facets of school life, from the performing and visual arts to student government, across a myriad of student clubs and affinity groups, and a growing number of competitive team and individual sports. Oakwood students will do a lot more than just have a great academic experience. They will immerse themselves in the life of our school.

Opportunity in the Athletic Department means that there is a team for everyone.  There are opportunities for beginners who may have little or no experience, as well as the student-athlete who strives to compete in college and beyond. We have an experienced cadre of coaches who will help each person and every team be their best.  It is rare to find a school where the lead player in the school musical is also a key contributor on the league-championship basketball team. Yet, it is not a rarity at Oakwood to see our athletes excel in extra-curricular activities alongside their sports.


We are a values-based program, and as a member of the Positive Coaching Alliance, we believe in the Double Goal philosophy of teaching life lessons and redefining what it means to be winner. Everyone knows the scoreboard definition of a winner—and we are very proud of our success in that area, with 4 of our 11 high school teams and 3 of our 9 middle school varsity teams winning league championships last year—but we also define winning by learning that it is the process rather than the result that is most important.  By being your best, learning to accept responsibility, and putting your team first you have learned the life lessons that make you a true winner.

The Oakwood Athletics program truly provides the opportunity to grow as a person and as an athlete.