April 14, 2016

Welcome to Oakwood Stories

“…We seek to create a vibrant public life in the school, where students learn to express their opinions effectively and responsibly, and to consider respectfully the opinions of others. We believe that an environment most conducive to learning and growth balances informality with rigorous expectations and seriousness of purpose with a sense of play.”

—from Oakwood’s Statement of Philosophy

A school year is made of countless events—milestone performances, final presentations, athletic contests, year-end  culminations—and intimate occurrences, exchanges between students and teachers, families and individuals who share the common bond of being part of the Oakwood community. These things illuminate the vibrant public life of our school and embody Oakwood’s core values as set forth in our Statement of Philosophy.

The goal of Oakwood Stories is to share these moments, in a variety of forms and in many voices, and to reflect the passion and purpose of life at Oakwood School.