September 18, 2015

6th Graders Reflect on 9/11

Kiki & Willa / 6th Grade

In 6th grade last week, we discussed the events that took place on September 11, 2001. Last Friday was the 14th anniversary of the four planes crashing into the Twin Towers in New York City, the Pentagon, and a field in Pennsylvania. During Morning Meeting on Friday, we 6th graders walked to the front of the school in silence and performed a solemn flag-raising, then lowered the flag to half-staff. After a moment of silent remembrance, Kiki, Willa, and our teacher, Melanie, read poems that they either wrote or found on the Internet.

We decided to acknowledge this day because it was such a big part of our history, and we should all have that moment of silence and pay our respects to those we lost. Inspired by a program created by children born on 9/11/2001, all the 6th graders committed to do a good deed to represent that we can turn tragedy into hope. We tied a ribbon around our fingers to remember the deed we promised to do. On each 9/11, we hope everyone can spread awareness about how even doing something small can transform your own life—and the lives of others.

Oakwood 6th Graders’ 9/11 Remembrances, 2015

Those we lost are plentiful
And those who lived are small
But those who saved the rest
Cannot be named at all
Four planes crashed, tragic it was
Terrorists did what a terrorist does
Some survived and though that’s great,
9/11 is still a sad date

by Willa

In silence we ponder
Years fail to wash away
Memories that stain the walls of yesterday.
What are they but those we revere?
Indelible is the pain
Yet greater is the courage
Of those who gave the incalculable bequest.
What are we but guardians of the legacy now ours?
Written in the hearts the memories
In perpetuity remain.
Will the fallen

Anonymous, read by Melanie

On 9/11

The innocent died,
Heroes truly tried,
And the masses cried.
In the aftermath:
American pride,
Heavy weeping tides,
Deliberate strides.
Now in the present:
Monuments abide,
Musings coincide,
And still misty-eyed.

Anonymous, read by Kiki